Friday, August 26, 2011

Go Away Irene...

With the impending doom of a category 3 hurricane headed for the North Carolina coast, we are working hard today to calm nerves and make preparations for moving an outdoor wedding indoors.
I know brides have the romantic idea of communing with nature…the beautiful flowers, the tweeting birds, the fresh air, but really even Chapel Hill, known as “the southern part of heaven” is not that great in August.  Of course, I am also the kind of girl who doesn’t like camping out, so I would always go for the air conditioned banquet room.
So, the tent is cancelled, the florist is contacted to make alterations in his d├ęcor, and now the guests can enjoy not wilting under the heat and humidity that is normally prevalent at this time of year.
A bit more of a worry is whether guests will be able to make it or not, and if they do make it can they get back home.  One advantage to being a hotel venue, is that we have a built-in solution to the problem…guest rooms.

One final thought about this predicament…Rain on a wedding day is supposed to be lucky, because a wet knot is harder to untie.  I hope that is the case, and our bride and groom getting married on this rainy weekend will have many years of happiness together.

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