Sunday, September 4, 2011

Busy Being Fabulous

Yes...the guests of Courtney and Stephen's wedding celebration were totally busy being fabulous this weekend beginning with a bridesmaid luncheon on Friday...
What's on the menu...
Chilled Cucumber Soup, The Carolina Inn's chicken salad with dried cranberries, red grapes, and candied pecans on toasted sour dough and served with hand cut potato chips, fresh fruit kabobs and caramel cream cheese dip...topped off with Key Lime Pie and Mimosas!
What a beautiful group of ladies!
(from left: Becca, Courtney, Diana, Lynn)
So what makes a wedding fabulous?   Most would say that its pretty flowers or great music (I do love these things)...I say... its the people.  Courtney Page and Stephen Whilden were surrounded by fabulous friends and family who made their wedding day a wonderful celebration.
From the moment that I met Courtney, her mom, Diana, her sister, Becca, and her dad, Guy I knew that this was going to be one of those weddings that I would always remember. These people were the real deal..truly a group of endearing individuals who were completely sincere in their devotion to the journey of creating a perfect day for their daughter and sister... and her future husband.
FUN...yes we had fun!  We had great conversations, delightful tastings, lots of linen choices, and most importantly, somewhere along the way I am sure that all of us have made a new friend. 

Getting Ready....
Bryan Courtyard

First Game of the Season-Go Heels!
The little girl in the middle was hilarious! She kept asking me if this was a "real wedding" and when I told her "yes" she literally jumped up and down...She stated
"this is way better than the football game". 
 Sweetheart...I couldn't agree more.
The Celebration
Matron of Honor-Becca Forrest
 Loved this thumbprint guestbook....completely useful!
Beautiful Bride.....
Cinda's Creative Cakes....this cake looked amazing and tasted awesome!
The Reality Show Band....boy they can really put on a show....
The Cutest Rickshaw...for the send off.

The Carolina's not just about the's about the people!
Happy Ending Continues....
Stephen and Courtney Welcome
Olivia Page Whilden
So beautiful..just like her Mama!

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  1. The food sounds wonderful. All the guests look like they had a great time. I love, love, love the tree idea (and the rickshaw). Thanks for updating us all on trends :-)