Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Southern Wedding Traditions

As a northern girl living in the south it has been extraordinarily fun to discover the southern "way of life". Words are a little longer, tea is a lot sweeter, and bacon is its own food group (thank god).
I had never even heard of boiled peanuts or pimento cheese until I crossed the North Carolina state line.
I love the south and when it comes to its wedding traditions they are simply nothing less than as warm  and inviting as a Carolina blue sky!
Here are few of my favorites.....
If you know me...you know that I adore anything that comes in a mason jar.
Not only can you use these little charmers for drinking sweet tea but fill them with jam or pickled cucumbers and you have a fabulous favor.
Mason jars can be used as centerpeices when filled with pretty flowers and brides have even found creative ways to use them as luminaries.

Yes, this is a tradition that many brides partake in but bridal portraits are especially important to southern brides.
Years ago having a photographer at at wedding was pretty unusual so this was the only way that one had to keepsake wedding day memories.
The wedding handkerchief is often passed down from mother to daughter.
Early farmers believed that a brides wedding day tears were lucky and would bring rain for their crops later.  A crying bride meant that she would never shed another tear about her marriage. 
The "Hankie" remains a time honored tradition.
I will never forget the scene in Steel Magnolias when the groom's cake was a grey armadillo with red velvet cake inside. 
The groom's cake has always been a gift from the bride to the groom and dates all the way back to the Victorian era.
This charming custom gives the groom a little attention on a day that otherwise belongs to the bride.
The bride will usually have a cake made that represents an aspect of the groom's personality.
 Another interesting fact that I found was that many years ago it was usually a part of the groom's cake that was actually soaked in liquor, wrapped, and stored for the couple to enjoy on their first anniversary.
In addition, other pieces of the cake would be given to the single lady guests who would in turn take it home and sleep with it under their pillows, whereupon they would supposedly dream of the man that they would marry...here's to hoping ladies!
Another one of my favorites! 
Luck charms are paced inside the bottom layer of the wedding cake with ribbons attached. 
The single ladies and bridesmaids would then pull these out before the cake was cut. 
Each charm has a different meaning!
Ring-Next To Be Married
Star-Dreams Will Come True
Flower-Blossoming Love
Eiffel Tower-Travel
Wreath-A Happy Home
Kite-Fun on the Horizon
The hot southern sun can get to a girl on her wedding day.
  kimberley + john9
If it stops moving long enough....a southern girl will monogram it!
Everything from napkins, to aisle runners, to cake toppers. 
What?  I had never heard about this one. 
I am not sure how my boss will feel about me starting to plant a bourbon garden but I am willing to find out.
Exactly one month before the ceremony bury the bottle on the site where the couple is to be married. 
The bottle must be full and buried upside down.
According to southern folklore, if you carry out this plan,  it won't rain on your wedding day!
Southern brides and grooms love this one.
They want to pick cocktails that are unique to them and their wedding colors.
I have seen everything from bourbon and tea to honeydew and vodka.
The heart of  southern tradition is serving up dishes that are filling and comforting at the same time.
For many southern belles the way to a man's heart is through his stomach!
  It is also the best way to show affection for wedding guests.   
Feed friends and family foods filled with love.
Biscuits, macaroni and cheese, shrimp and grits.....these are just a few that say I LOVE YOU better than any other.
A wedding in the SOUTH is a big deal. It is full of old traditions, timeless etiquette, phenomenal food, and exquisite charm. 
If you are lucky enough to be a true southern belle....or at the very least aspire to be one
 you are sure to have a day that is as charming as it is memorable.
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    Aqib Siddiqui

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  3. Great post! I love creating custom monogrammed wedding handkerchiefs for the bride, mother of the bride, father of the bride groom, everyone! :D https://www.lil-inspirations.com