Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dear Graduate...words of wisdom for your journey!

Graduation is always an exciting time on the UNC campus.  The preparation begins days in advance as ground are manicured, streets are cleaned, and every store front is brimming with articles that articulate  university pride.  It is a monumental time for our graduates.  For many of them it the first major successful endeavor in their adult lives...and for that...congratulations are in order. 
Now the real work begins.
Good luck with all of your future goals and as you head out into the world I offer you a few wise nuggets of advice....that a few wise people have given to me along the road.
(1) Help Someone...when I was kid I remember that my grandmother would always make a casserole for a new neighbor, or someone who had just lost a family member, or someone who just had a baby.  It was a tradition that my mother carried on...and something that I take great value in as well...It's not about the casserole...I mean...not is nice...but caring is far's about community.
 In a world that is selfish...never forget to help someone out! It's the age old take on the golden rule. 
 Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 
(2) Learn about the life of someone who doesn't look like you.  Life gets crazy after college! There are student loans, car loans, credit card debt, not to mention career ambition...(after paid a lot for that degree)...that will take the forefront of your attention...It does take a few years to get everything into perspective.  
Many times once we end up in the cycle of life we forget that there is a whole big wide world out there.  I am someone who has been fortunate enough to travel the world a couple of times now. I have seen women who have had to carry water for miles to their families, handicapped people who have been ostracized from their societies and forced to live in hiding, often dragging themselves on the ground because in poverty.... there are no wheelchairs.  I have seen people with AIDS who have been beaten and left for dead by their families...out of shame and disgust...I have seen oppressed women in the middle east desperate for education...who study in secret...and children...oh the many children who have been born into living conditions that are so atrocious that we wouldn't even think it was possible.  
Learn about the world around you...figure out what you can do to help!
Don't just be good for something!
(3) Be Grateful-for everything that you have....there are so many who don't!
(4) Be Humble...It's easy  to think that you know so much more than everyone else.  
But life is all about learning...learning about yourself and learning about others. 
 Allow yourself to be someone who can be easily instructed and then pass your knowledge on.
(5) Work Hard-Nothing trumps hard work...You will respect yourself and others will respect you.  
If you work hard you will never need to ask for a promotion...your efforts will secure it for you. 
(6) Listen to your parents...they might know a thing or two.
(7) Never take a job that doesn't have health need health insurance!
(8) Don't spend more than you make
(9) Don't be afraid to take chances...what's the worst that can happen?...Failure?...  
Failure is essential to success...and many times the only way to achieve it.
(10)  Don't collect things...collect people.  
People are the most valuable things in your life. Your relationships with them will get you through hard times, will celebrate with you when you marry or have a baby.  They will testify for you when when you need a job reference, pick you up when you have a flat tire, and bring you beer and balloons on your birthday.  Cars don't do that, TV's don't do that,  iphones don't do that (although they can be helpful for many things...there is no "my boyfriend just broke my make it better with margaritas and a good cry app!...only your best friend can do that), clothes don't do that....and tons of money won't do that.  As Suze Orman always says
PEOPLE FIRST...then money...then things.
Good luck on your life journey.....may you have love, joy, and success...along the road.
Congratulations to Carolina Inn's very own Annika Hugosson!


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