Saturday, November 5, 2011

Child's Play

Wow...we had a busy couple of weeks here at the Inn. Six weddings, nine sorority/fraternity events, three bridesmaids luncheons, and two birthday parties...and this only covers what happened on the weekend!  With all of that activity comes the inspiration to share some truly fabulous ideas for a child's birthday party.
When I was growing up most of the birthday parties that I attended were at McDonald's.  Those of you who are old enough remember the sickening sweet orange drink, the Happy Meal, and the cake with white frosting and yellow trim will appreciate the fact that there is a whole new world of ideas for you to throw the perfect birthday party for your child.
Birthday parties today are infinitely more creative and extravagant than they have ever been before...and believe me there is just as much entertainment for the adults as there is for the kids.  So grab your party hat as I share with you how to make the most out out of your next birthday gathering.
Cute Party Themes
~Mickey Mouse~
How can you go wrong with Mickey?
What says a Disney themed party better than a great candy display and Pez dispensers with all of your favorite characters.
Does it get an more adorable? Minnie Mouse Pops...done with apples
The Wizard of Oz
 Ruby Red cake pops, cake shooters, and mini mason jars of cake (for the adults)
Use baby jars to create these "red hot" favors.
I finished the blog but when I saw this...I couldn't help but add it!
Do you have these is a size 9 please?????
The Vintage Sock Monkey
Monkey business was never so cute
Money Cake Pops...easy for the little ones to eat
Cupcakes for added adorability!
and a big thank you to the giving them a little treat to take home with them...
Hooooo's Turning Three
Photo Credit Abby Minner Rosenberg
I actually used to babysit the mother of the little cutie in the picture.
They look exactly alike at that age!
 I do love the owl theme..It is the hottest kid party in town.
These are a 'hoot"
Owl Costumes for the kids
Backdrop for families to have their picture taken...a great keepsake
Owl love these!
Who says that they are extinct? Dinosaurs are one of the most popular topics taught in school. Parties surrounding them are always a roaring success.
Cute Hats!
Things that Girls will LOVE
Anything in Pink...and if you are me...Red
Shirley Temple Cupcakes
Cherries Jubilee
Cotton Candy
Pink Lemonade
Princess Cupcakes
 Why Hello....Kitty
Ice Cream
Alice in Wonderland....
Beatrix Potter...are these not a vision? 
Call Sugarland!!

Things that Boys will LOVE
Milk and the Cookie Monster
More Monsters!

Race Cars
Harry Potter
Things that Adults will LOVE
Face it we need entertained too....
Milk that won't spill
The Flavored Milk Bar
Make Your Own Cupcake Station
Whoopie Pies
Cake Pops
 Make Your Own Sundae Bar
The Smores Bar
A great way to keep your adult guests entertained while the little ones are playing
Take the worry out of your party.
Let The Carolina Inn create your perfect gathering.
All of these ideas and so many more available at

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