Thursday, August 25, 2011

All The Single Ladies....

Did you know that there are single women out there who are are actively planning their weddings?  The only glitch is that they are not even engaged yet.  Now...this did not come as a HUGE surprise to me since at thirty eight I've been planning my wedding since about five years of age..adorned with beautiful pink roses, stunning table linens, and lots of candlelight.  I do have my grip on reality and realize that all that planning may be just that...a simple dream.  One afternoon I was getting my hair done and my stylist brought out a beautiful Vera Wang wedding dress, matching shoes, earrings, and wide variety of magazines to highlight the rest of her wedding choices.  I was at first shocked and then so happy for her...she finally found the man of her dreams....(which quite honestly I didn't even know she was dating anyone).  When I asked her when the big day was she said that she "wasn't quite sure yet...they hadn't set the date"...and after a few of her giggles at her own internal monologue she said that "she had no idea who she was going to marry but that she was planning just the same".  I thought that she had lost her mind...I mean really...come on...Wang is not cheap!  However, she did have her happy ending and exactly one year later  walked down the aisle in her Wang gown with her matching shoes and earrings.  So for all of you out there waiting for your prince to come...Be Encouraged....and start planning the wedding of your dreams!

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