Monday, June 23, 2014

The Year of Bright Colors, Bright Lights, and Wedding Makeovers

Planning a wedding is all about finding what brings you joy.  There are lots of ideas out there.  Let's face it we've all spent countless hours on pinterest looking for the perfect favor, the perfect dress, the perfect invitation, cocktail combinations, wedding venues...the list goes on and on.  We have had the opportunity to see some really fun stuff over the past few months here at the if you are looking for some trends that are little out of the box here is what is going on int he world of wedding bliss.
No all white weddings this year.  Bright hues are back in.  Oranges, blues, and Poppy reds are making a grand appearance. If bright colors are not for you why not try just a little pop of something outside of your comfort zone by adding a pinch of color to your bouquet, centerpiece, or even the napkin on the table. Heading into the Fall months this can really liven up your decor.
Remember the days when you arrived to a wedding reception and there were disposable cameras on the tables?  Those days are long gone, replaced with the smartphone, hashtags, instagram, and facebook.   Capturing your guests on your wedding day has never been easier.  Many brides are even setting up charging stations so that their guests can keep their phones juiced and ready for the next great shot.
Want to do something extra special for your groom?  Cigar bars have been one of the most popular trends this year.   Even if you or the groom are not a cigar aficionado there is just something about a celebratory puff.  If you are thinking of having one of these there are several different ways that you can have one in order to fit your budget. Hiring a professional cigar roller provides a lot of entertainment as guests will get to see firsthand the art of rolling tobacco leaves.  
Wedding signage was a hot trend in 2013 and it is even hotter in 2014....or should I say BRIGHTER. These vintage style lights just scream fun and excitement. Choose you and your partners initials, fun words, super shapes and let the party begin.  Use these as a focal point, decor on a dessert table, or as stand alone objects for photo booth props...the options are endless!
No doubt that this trend has been around for awhile and everyone still loves it. However, in recent months the photobooth has received a bit of a makeover....Never mind pulling back that black curtain...these days the photo booth comes in the form of a....giant chalkboard.
That's right....the southern bridal portrait isn't just for southern belles anymore. It seems as though all brides love the idea of capturing a more formal photo of themselves to be shared with family and friends for many generations.
It is a trend that I absolutely adore.....While food trucks are still popular for weddings they are taking a bit of a backseat to this new way of delivering a special treat to one's guests.  Whether its ice cream or hot dogs or donuts...these tricycles are sure to be a hit! 
It is definitely the year of floral glamor.  Over sized bridal cascades, ceremony arches, fresh flower walls...these are all making flowers once again the spotlight of weddings.  
It has definitely been the year of the petite wedding here at the inn...a wedding with twenty or less guests.  It may be a planned elopement, a second wedding, a vow renewal, or the desire for simplicity but this trend has really taken off.  What's the old saying?...less is more?   
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