Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Oh Happy Day!!!!!

For all of you out there who are about to have a wedding...I am sure that you have been spending hours on your seating charts, escort cards, favors, flowers, and bridesmaids gifts...not to mention the ceremony programs, menus, and your attire for the entire  weekend.  These are important things...they will be captured in pictures that will last you a lifetime. 
My wish for you is that you have only happy memories of your wedding day....memories that include treasured times with your dear friends and family, memories of seeing your bride or groom at the end of the aisle..waiting for you, memories of your first dance, and the overwhelming feeling that you are loved and supported by the people who are especially important to you. 
So how do you take a breath on your wedding day to be present in the moment and RELAX???
Make arrangements ahead of time with your wedding planner so that you understand your timeline for the day.  This will alleviate the stress of wondering when the flowers are coming, when you need to be ready for photographs, and when you need to walk down the aisle.
Please I beg you to put it down..I mean I love my iphone like it is a family member...but your wedding day is a time that you should be fully present in the moment.  Your phone is a distraction.  I have watched brides text their wedding coordinator as they are getting ready to walk down the aisle...DON'T DO IT...You will be missing out on some very special memories if your fingers are trying to find the right keys or you are fighting with SIRI.
What a wonderful way to start the day!  That's right...pick up the phone and call your betrothed and let them know how excited and thankful you are to not only spend the day with them but the rest of your life as well.  I promise that this will clear your mind and put everything in perspective!
You picked the people that you wanted to take this wedding journey with you.  You made these choices because you spent time doing the research, talking to them, planning with them... and ...your wedding day is THE day that you must trust the people who do this for a living.  Your photographer knows how to take the perfect picture and your planner knows how to get everyone seated....do not pick your wedding day to become distressed about the details.
Which leads me to my next point...
Yes...your wedding day is something that you will remember the rest of your life...but not everything will go off as planned...why?....you have a whole lot of guests that are involved in your party and that always changes how things will occur...You might be waiting for twenty guests that are running late, your bridesmaid may be having a personal meltdown, your Aunt Mary might be fighting with your Mother...every detail changes the dynamic of your day.  You have to accept that not everything will happen like you have it in your head. 
Pick one thing that you want to remember in detail...your vows (I think that is probably the best one), your first dance, your special time with friends and family..really concentrate on that...and let everything else go...

Here is to a great wedding day with beautiful flowers, beautiful hair, beautiful weather, beautiful photographs...and above all..

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