Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wedding Tip Wednesday-Keeping Your Sanity

I am in the middle of wedding planning season. I would say that it is the calm before storm but it is more like the storm before the calm.  I have noticed an increasing number of brides that are overwhelmed with all the choices that are put before them...I mean with pinterest and facebook and all of these blogs out's hard to commit to any decisions with new ideas popping up all of the time.
Remember how easy it was when Franck entered the scene in Father of a little of this and a little of that and it was all taken care of.   He had all of the right answers and made it incredibly easy to make all the decisions...those were simpler times....
So if you are trying to keep your sanity amidst planning your big day I offer to you my suggestions on how to keep it together and enjoy the journey...I mean this should be fun...right? 
Five Golden Rules of Planning
1.  Never ask too many people for their input
...and believe me... when you tell your family and friends that you are engaged everyone will have an opinion on what your dress should look like, what colors your flowers should be, and what you should serve as a meal.  So...pick one or two people to help you with your decisions.  You will always know who to go to and you can shut out the "noise" that comes from too many opinions.
2.  Pick a palette and go with it
Most brides know how they want their wedding to look..white, pink, coral...they know.  In most cases they have been thinking about it and looking at pictures for a very long time.  If the decision has already been made then don't try to talk yourself into something else...this is energy better spent on planning your life together.
3.  Don't Sweat the Small Stuff
Focus on what matters and just let the rest go.  It's not the end of the world if you don't find the perfect pair of shoes, or if you can't find the perfect linens, or Aunt Mary doesn't like that you are serving beef instead of chicken.  Just let it go...all that matters at the end of your wedding day is that you are married to the perfect person..I highly doubt that you will remember anything else when you are 80.  
4.  Keep it Simple
You don't have to try and incorporate every idea from every website or pinterest board that you have ever seen. 
Sometimes simple is best.
 I'd rather see a bride invest her money in things that get the most bang for their buck.  Linens, flowers, photographers!   Always pick a few beautiful , breathtaking (and most likely expensive) things over lots of inexpensive and less than lovely items.
5.  Make Decisions!
The most frustrated brides that I see are the ones that make lists upon lists upons lists and then have to make a list to keep track of their lists. You must make decisions otherwise you will be simply overwhelmed and not even know where to start.
You cannot do it all
You cannot please everyone
You cannot be perfect
So...just let it go
Start making what matters the most to you happen...and start crossing the other things off of the lists!
Enjoy the journey...and happy planning!


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