Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Morning After

There is no doubt that the family and friends of the wedding couple at the Inn tonight are having a great time...and when I mean having a great time...I mean that they will most likely be looking for some aspirin, a cup of strong coffee, and probably a bloody mary around 9 o'clock tomorrow morning.
Years of wedding planning always yields the same question from brides. 
"What do I do for breakfast for my guests the day after the wedding?"
 My reply....
I tell them that there are so many factors to consider. You have guests that need to leave early, guests who will want to get up late, and without question many guests who will be nursing their party hangovers. Oh...and don't forget about Aunt Mary who traveled through three states to join the family for the nuptials and will complain if she doesn't get something for breakfast before she hits the road again. 
So here is my solution
Keep it fun, keep it simple, and always keep it "cozy".
So what do you serve guests with a diversity  of tastes?

The Breakfast Burrito and Sandwich Bar
This is not only fast but it can serve people for many hours.  Guests can grab it at 6am in the morning before they leave for a flight or nibble on it at 10am with a smoothie. 
 It is grab and go at its best. 
 What you can offer to pile up inside is endless. Eggs, bacon, cheese, tomato, avocado. hash browns, onions, peppers...
The Smoothie Bar
Nothing can sooth a hangover better than a little how about a chef attended smoothie bar?  This will delight everyone for sure.  It's colorful, it's unique, and people just love it when they can have a treat that was designed just for them. With a wide variety of fruits and other ingredients on display this liquid pleasure can be served up for guests dining in or others who need to leave in a rush.

The Latte Bar
I know that they say caffeine is bad after too much alcohol but people still equate it with the journey to cure the hangover blues.  So let's just give it to them.  A latte station will win you big points with everyone even if Aunt Mary isn't quite sure what it is...

The Bloody Mary Bar
YES!  This has become a staple for our wedding farewell breakfast.  It starts with a really good vodka but ends up being about the  "extras" 
Your guests will be raving about this to everyone.  
 Lemons, limes, celery, pickles, pickled green beans an assorted vegetables, olives, banana peppers, pepperocini,sea salt, bacon salt, Old Bay, celery salt, garlic salt, black pepper, worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, horseradish, boiled shrimp,steamed oysters, bacon crumbles, beef jerky, pepperoni.  
Do you get the idea?  
It is nothing short of spectacular.

Sticky Buns, Bagels, and Muffins...oh my...
Many brides want to offer their guests the feeling of being in their home without actually having to take them there. In my opinion, a lovely display of breakfast goodies that are warm and smelling of cinnamon and butter set the stage for a cozy get together before everyone sets out on their separate ways. 
Here are some of our offerings at the Inn.
Cast-Iron Sticky Buns
Muffins and Croissants

Topped off with spreadable goodness..
Flavored Cream Cheese 

The Cereal Bar
When I started out my career in hospitality it was at a little inn in Kennebunkport, Maine.  Every morning I would labor over hand made granola.  I would serve it with lots of dried fruit and nuts and a little toasted coconut.  It was always the most popular item on the menu. 
 Many years later it is still my favorite breakfast offering.  
Our hand made granola at the Inn is filled with hearty oats, honey, brown sugar, and a hint of vanilla.  What guests want in it is up to them. 
 Choose from fresh fruit, dried cherries, raisins, sunflowers seeds, or candied pecans to name just a few.
Sprinkle it over yogurt or eat it with just plain milk.  
 When you put this all of these items have one great breakfast for "the morning after". 
There are lots of personalized options to choose from.
Even your pickiest guests will find something to sip or savor. 
All innovations are available to you at The Carolina Inn.

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