Thursday, September 1, 2011

We Come by "Southern" Naturally

I love The Carolina Inn...I work here so I guess technically I am supposed to...but I really love it.  Maybe its because from the moment that I walked in the front doors it just felt like home or maybe its because I get to see so many "happy days" here. Whatever my reasons are there is no doubt that The Carolina Inn is a lovely place where one can gather with friends and family....and most certainly the perfect location for a wedding.  All weddings are special to us..We take a personal interest in the experience and the people involved.  Our brides become our friends for life...they come back for anniversaries, birthdays, holiday festivities, and often for the weddings of their children.  Yes...The Carolina Inn is a treasure...but only because our very special guests have made it that way. Thank you for always keeping the Inn close to your hearts. 
  Follow me over the next few days to see one of my favorite wedding couples tie the true Carolina Inn fashion...with sweet tea, colorful martinis, beautiful flowers, and the sounds of guests in celebration.
Until then....
Here are a few pictures of others with whom we have enjoyed the journey!
Thank You Becca!

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  1. These pictures are beautiful. They perfectly capture the spirit of The Carolina Inn!