Sunday, August 28, 2011

Take Time to Smell the Roses....

Like a woman's neck desires to be adorned with beautiful jewels a bride longs for her wedding day to be adorned with beautiful flowers. A wedding without flowers is kind of like putting up a Christmas tree without twinkle lights...completely disappointing.   Those of you who have labored through countless hours of magazines spreads to find your perfect tapestry of blooms know what I mean when I say that next to the dress the journey to find your palette of petals is a process that most of time leaves you simply overwhelmed.  Here are a few simple tips to get you through the mayhem:

(1) Remember Where You Are: The time of year you get married and your geographical location will decide what types of flowers that are available to you.
· Roses are available year-around
· Calla lilies and tulips bloom during winter and spring
· Hydrangea are in season during the summer and fall
· Peonies peak in the spring
..... Plan Your Wedding around your Favorite Flowers? Well I probably wouldn't go that far but flowers are certainly less expensive when they are more abundant. I guess that is why the summer months are usually considered wedding season.

(2) Remember Who You Are: Your flowers should always should fit you....if you prefer sandals don't wear high heels...if you like color don't pick a bouquet of white get the idea.

(3) Think Outside the Box-These days it's all about picking flowers that accent the wedding party instead of matching friend always tells me..."it doesn't have to just has to go".

(4) Don't go Overboard-A little beauty goes a long way. Make the biggest bang during the reception when your guests are sitting up close and personal to the centerpieces and are in one place long enough to enjoy them.

(5) The OOhhh Ahhhh Factor- Always pick flowers that make you happy! Just an observation though....don't get so carried away with the flowers that your bouquet weighs 16lbs...I have never seen a happy bride carrying a heavy bouquet (unless she has really worked out before the wedding)
My favorite moments of wedding preparation can be summarized when I am watching the flowers transform not only a ballroom but the entire mood of the day. It's as if somehow the arrival of the bouquet to a bride's room signals the beginning of her wedding celebration. It's the colors, the smells, and the feelings that those blooms emote the somehow captures quite literally the essence of a wedding story.
Please enjoy some of my favorites!
Compliments of Tre Bella Flowers

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