Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

New Year's is my favorite day of the year.  
It's day one of a new 365 day journey around the sun. 
In reality...for's my birthday...and the first day of a 364 day countdown to the big 4-0.  
Actually I think that I got lucky this year because 2012 is a leap year which gives me one extra day....unless according to the predictions by the mayan calendar...the world ends.. in which case I'll be 39 forever. (I may claim 39 forever either way).
So what are we thinking about here at The Carolina Inn on the first day of a new year?
Well..a lot of things and as we sat around with our paper, pens, and ipads among us...we jotted these ideas down and wanted to share them with you.
Devon is an amazing young woman and completely committed in her service to our guests. She is someone who always makes it happen.  Here are her sentiments...
"I am excited to showcase our new Old Well wing! It has received a serious facelift...botox if you will...and it shows....(but in a good way...I mean it can still move its forehead and all...) I can't wait to see the look on the faces of our brides and grooms when they enter the Old Well Room for the first time. I know that they will find it nothing short of stunning."
"I think that we have amazing weddings here....but what I have really enjoyed planning are the Bar/Bat Mitzvahs..It is close to my heart. I want my community to know that I have worked diligently with our chef to customize menus and have organized great entertainment packages with local vendors to bring the most amazing and "no worries" experience to this very special day. me...and until then...Mazel Tov!!!"
Elizabeth Rubio is nearly a 10 year veteran at The Carolina Inn and a UNC Alum....she knows this place...she loves this place and she cares for it in a way that few of us truly have the privilege of understanding.  Here is why....
“The biggest thrill I get is when I know a bride wants to get married here and I can make that happen for her. Many of our couples fell in love in Chapel Hill, and want to come back to celebrate that beginning. It’s wonderful when we can make that happen!”
“I love showing brides we can be timeless as well as trendy. While we maintain our comfortable Southern charm, we also embrace the latest trends in “farm to fork” preparation and new trends in venue design and service styles.” 
“I love working with brides to help them make their weddings reflect their personal style. Although we host a lot of weddings throughout the course of the year, we make each wedding a special memory for the wedding couple, as well as the guests in attendance."
Tracey Nielson...well I think that maybe she just got engaged...if not...Alex, I hope that this blog is a can thank me later Tracey.  Tracey cares about every nuance of a wedding...she really loves the beauty of it all...from the flowers to the table linens to the signature cocktail..she knows this business.

 "I am excited for an even bigger and better Bridal Showcase for 2012!  In our 17th year of this tradition we have worked hard to improve and expand its presentation. From our giveaways to the runway show to serving items from our new wedding menu we have really outdone ourselves this year.  If you are about to get married and not at The Carolina Inn on January 29th you are definitely going to be missing something spectacular.   The level of excellence that each and every vendor brings to this event makes me very proud and honored to part of The Carolina Inn."   
What I am thinking about???...ideas!!!  Ideas on how can I make an event more intimate, more creative, exceptionally serviced, exquisitely decorated, and unequivocally unique! Believe me...I have lots of ideas...and I am committed and passionate about leading a team that is focused on people who help others navigate through once in a lifetime experiences. 
 I keep a little torn piece of paper that is taped to the bottom of my computer screen.  It captures a saying that I jotted down many years ago when I started out in the hospitality business.
"We are just people serving people".
It is my personal golden rule...treat others how you want to be treated.  I hold this sentiment in high regard for each new encounter that I have here at the Inn and I find that often in pursuit of serving others that I am the one that ends up with the greatest rewards.  I guess that is why it is that I do what I means something to me to see happy faces, excited faces, contented faces. I hope to see more of these in 2012.
Speaking of ideas...It is time to admit that I am a closet Pinterest junkie. If you have not explored this great invention...wait no longer. 
It will keep all of your ideas organized and help your planners to better service your individual tastes.
Here are the ideas that made our list for 2012
A Few Of Our Favorite Wedding Photos

Things that will make your wedding unique
A stone for attendants to stand on...I thought that this was brilliant.
 Because who actually eats the cake at the wedding...
 Creative Guestbook
 Pictures of your mom, his mom, your grandmother on their wedding day.
Our Favorite Flowers....
Looking for something to hang from the tree in Bryan Courtyard??

 My personal favorite....
Wedding Cakes that we adore....
and in case you cannot stand the thought of cake.....
 and yes...the new "HOT' thing.....
And something to drink
Pink Lemonade Mojitos...with those cute straws
 Champagne Cocktails
 Cotton Candy Cocktail
 Margarita Bar
 Tequila over Lime Sorbet....
Bridal Couture....
Colored Belts...also hot right now...
 Thank you Kate Middleton for showing us how amazing lace sleeves could be..
Hot High Heels
They speak for themselves

 Here is hoping that your journey in 2012 is done with grace and style....and always in a great pair of shoes!